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The top menu provides three active disclosure subjects that are currently online, which will be subject to revision as more information becomes available:


This website has been envisioned to act as a forum or platform providing uncensored information to the general public, who have a right to know. The prerequisite of the subject information and discussion contained in this Centre is primarily “out of the box” informant Whistle Blower type material that does not condone or endorse the status quo system. On the contrary, the intended purpose of this Centre is to expose cover-ups and misleading procedures by an authority acting in a state of willful blindness.


The entire system professes “procedural fairness” and “transparency” in respect to honour and the “rule of law." However, in actual practice, these are simply illusions used to create a distraction to protect a corrupt system. Only by exposing these distractions and procedural cover-ups to the general public will sustainable fairness evolve.   That is the overall objective of this website.


You are invited to participate, by bringing forward verifiable Whistle Blower information you are privy to, that will either supplement an existing subject matter or will open new directions of exposure to the public. This is a data collection site of special information awareness that is dependent on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that recognizes the freedom of opinion and expression as set out in section 2. While there is a "notwithstanding clause" it is subject to limitations as shown to be justified in a free and democratic society, with this it must be understood such societies are alive and changing. Therefore, any reliance on a "notwithstanding clause" must first be based on the polling of society's changing attitudes, which explains why an application of the "notwithstanding clause" is to expire after five years unless specifically renewed. Clearly, what may have been justified at one point may not be justified due to changes in societal tolerance.


For example, the term "fuck" was not tolerated in society and was strictly censored. Today, "fuck" is accepted vernacular used in our national news, in movies and television, at sporting events...it is used by comedians, by entertainers, and often is found within the lyrics of songs. The word is commonly heard throughout most crowd gatherings, by the police, and politicians. Certainly, using the "notwithstanding clause" to control the morals of the country might have been accepted at one time, but today society has clearly changed.


The Regina Imperial Oil Refinery - Site Contamination

The information contained shows there are toxic hazardous contamination conditions throughout the entire refinery site, which to 2000 was the home of Diary Producer's Creamery, and is currently the Regina Food Bank, and Child Daycare Centre. This known contamination: phenols, cyanide, lead, and other carcinogenic hydrocarbons are freely entering the two aquifers running directly below the site and are discharging into the Wascana Creek system, affecting the entire ecosystem.


CRA - Predominate Purpose:

Did you know, the Verification & Enforcement Directorate exercises covert criminal investigations under the guise of a regular compliance audit, which is a blatant breach of our Charter Rights & Freedoms. Learn what disclosure an accused must specifically request pre-trial, in order to make full answer and defence.


DUI or Speeding Ticket Defence:

Have you ever been ticked for speeding or a DUI, and wished to fight the case. The key to your defence is "disclosure" of relevant evidence necessary to establish doubt. Whenever, highly technical electronic equipment has been used, such as a laser, radar, or breathalyzers, you must submit a disclosure application requesting the type/age of the instrument used in the charge, the Manufacturer's Operation/Training/Maintenance Manual, the instrument's Maintenance Log, and the operating officer's certificates of training on the specific device. All this disclosure evidence is relevant to your case and extremely important making your case in defence.

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